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Termite Removal Tactics

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If you are a homeowner that suspects a potential termite problem within the walls of your house, you will want to be diligent in trying to deter them from wanting to be in your home. Termites can cause all kinds of structural damage to a home if they are not removed. Termites are a difficult insect to battle and will most likely need to be handled by a pest control service to remove them totally. There are, however, ways you can help make the number of termites decrease in number while waiting for service. There are also some things you can do to deter them from returning.

Remove Wood

Termites are attracted to cellulose found inside wood products. It is impossible to remove all wood structures from within your home, but you can remove some furniture pieces until the problem is gone. You will also want to remove any cardboard, newspapers or magazines from your home if you have piles of them hanging around. Place paper items inside plastic storage tubs to keep the cellulose inside the product from being found by termites. Move any wood piles outdoors to a location far away from the home.

Remove Water

Another termite attraction is areas of moisture. Termites will stay away from areas without a water supply but will be attracted to moisture, especially wet wood. If you have any areas in the home with a plumbing problem, have it repaired to help keep termites away. If you have any areas around your home with standing water, remove it to help keep termites from continuing to have an area to drink. 

Professional Service

There are pesticides you can buy that claim they will rid your home of pests, but in most instances termites are harbored in walls where you will not be able to reach them. A professional pest control service like Metro Exterminating will be able to rid your home of termites using strong pesticides and bait methods.

When an exterminator first arrives at your home, they will do an assessment of the property damage. Sometimes homeowners will mistaken carpenter ants for termites and the removal processes will be different. 

The pest control service may use a bait that the termites will eat, making them perish. This combined with pesticides will remove termites effectively from your home. You will then want to continue using the deterrent methods on a daily basis to keep the termites from re-infesting your home.