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Building A Restaurant? Keep These Tips In Mind For Fire Safety

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If you are building your own commercial building so that you can start your own restaurant, you have probably put a lot of thought into things like aesthetic value for your future customers. One thing that you might not have thought about yet, however, is ensuring that your kitchen is as safe against fires as possible. Luckily, a little bit of thought during the building process can make a big difference. These are a few things that you should do during the building process to help ensure safety against potential kitchen fires.

Install a Good Sprinkler System

Installing fire sprinklers is imperative if you want to help prevent dangerous fires from taking over your commercial kitchen. Although they can always be installed later, it's best to plan for them now, during the building process. Not only will it be cheaper to tackle the job now, but you can also ensure that they are placed properly.

Consider hiring a professional to come out and come up with the best plans for a fire sprinkler system for your commercial kitchen. Then, make sure that you have them installed before your restaurant ever opens its doors. A good fire sprinkler system will detect fires and turn on instantly to put them to a stop before they get out of hand.

Build an Outdoor Storage Building

Many restaurants have a lot of paper products on hand at all times, such as cups, napkins and disposable plates. Unfortunately, these things can all catch fire if there is an issue inside your restaurant. This is why it can be beneficial to plan for an outdoor storage building now. Then, you can store these highly flammable objects outdoors and away from potential heat sources, like your ranges and ovens.

Ensure Organization Will Be Easy

Go ahead and consider storage closets, storage shelves and other options to help keep clutter at bay once your restaurant is in business. By keeping things neat and tidy, you can do more than make for a more pleasant and efficient kitchen; you can also help prevent fires by keeping clutter away from heat sources.

Even though your kitchen might not be anywhere close to ready for business, now is the time to start thinking about fire safety. By keeping these tips in mind during the building process, you can help prevent fires from occurring in the first place in your commercial kitchen. To learn more, contact a company like Nor Cal Fire Protection with any questions or concerns you have.