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Large Plumbing Projects: How To Make Your Family Comfortable

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When you remodel your entire bathroom or kitchen, your family can feel out of sorts. Learn ways you can keep your family comfortable if you plan on living in your home while you are having plumbing construction done.

Rent a porta potty

Yes, you can rent a porta potty, which can come in handy in many ways. Not only can your family have a convenient place to 'go' while construction is going on, so can the plumbing experts that are working on your property. This helps keep remodeling and construction going smoothly, and keeps you from having to rent a hotel just so your family has a bathroom to use. A porta potty can be rented by the day or week, and is brought to your home, cleaned, and removed by the company that provides one to you, such as B & B Drain Tech Inc.

Have a backup water supply

Your kitchen or bathroom may be unavailable while construction and plumbing projects are going on, so make sure you have gallons of fresh water for drinking and cooking with. Plumbing projects often only take a day or 2, depending on how extensive the work is, but you should still have ample amounts of water available for your family and the working crew to use. If your kitchen is out of order, make sure you have a portable cooking stove or a microwave handy so you can prepare meals to eat. This keeps you from having to spend money on restaurant dining or fast food.

Prepare a wash station

If you have kids who need to get ready for school and they don't have access to the bathroom, it can cause chaos if you're not prepared. A wash station with wet wipes, a mirror, a makeup stand, and other necessities set up in your living room or basement can help make getting ready for school or work easier even as your entire bathroom is being torn apart. If anyone needs to bathe or shower, make sure they do this the night before construction so everyone is relatively clean while plumbing work is being done.

Most plumbing projects don't interrupt your everyday lifestyle that much, but if you have a plumbing overhaul being done on your kitchen or bathroom, you want to be prepared. Have a porta potty handy, enable a wash station, and have backup cooking arrangements with lots of handy water so you can handle a plumbing project in your home without making your family too uncomfortable.