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Simple And Cost-Effective Tips To Improve Your Home's Energy Efficiency

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Energy costs can quickly become a staggering bill for many homeowners. However, high energy usage does more than just cause painful power bills, it can also be extremely damaging to the environment. Sadly, there are many homeowners that do not realize they can easily upgrade their home's energy efficiency without spending a small fortune. In particular, there are two tips that can help you reduce your home's power use without causing discomfort for those living in the house. 

Schedule An Energy Audit For Your Home

There are some homeowners that have no idea why they have high energy bills, and this can make the process of lowering energy usage seem like an impossible task. After all, it is almost impossible to correct a problem if you are unable to identify it. Luckily, most electrical companies provide customers with free energy audits. 

These audits are designed to locate the largest power drains in a building. When one of these audits is conducted, an experienced professional will thoroughly evaluate every part of your home to look for potential energy leaks. At the end of the audit, you will be provided with a detailed list showing where your home could be improved, and these recommended improvements will usually contain an estimate energy savings that you can expect from making these upgrades. 

Wrap Your Windows On Particularly Cold Nights

The windows to your house can be one of the largest sources of energy inefficiency in your home. Window frames are notoriously drafty, and it is possible for windows to alter the interior temperature of your home by convective heat loss or gain. However, you do not have to suffer the expense of replacing all of your windows to reduce these problems. 

By simply placing plastic wrap over the entire window frame, you can dramatically reduce this problem without needing to pay for an expensive upgrade. The plastic wrap will stop air leaks from letting drafts into the home, and the layer of plastic will act as an additional layer of insulation between the glass and your home's interior. 

Keeping your home a comfortable place likely requires substantial amounts of electricity. However, some homeowners lack the experience and knowledge needed to know these two simple tips to improve a home's energy usage. Audits can provide you with a checklist of recommended upgrades to the building and plastic wrap can be an excellent short-term solution for drafty windows, and following these two tips can help you lower energy bills while also reducing the environmental damage done by powering your home. Talk to experts like R & R Electric Co Inc for more information.