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Create An Adorable Patio In Your Back Yard

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Whether you have a large back yard complete with a swimming pool and a trampoline, or a small back yard, you can make it into a beautiful place by adding an adorable patio. Here are some steps that will help you to achieve the perfect look.

Select The Flooring - Consider separating the area from your actual yard by eliminating grass in the space you have designated for your patio. Install flagstone, brick, or even cement in its place. Consider getting professionals to do faux painting on the concrete. They can make it look like marble or even give the appearance of a black and white checkered tile floor. In fact, faux painters can give your cement floor almost any look you want. Enhance the area with pretty pots in different sizes and shapes and fill them with colorful flowers for extra drama.

 Choose The Furniture - The hardest part of selecting your furniture is that there are so many choices! Some good ones are rustic wood, wrought iron, or outdoor wicker. When you choose a table for meals, consider a round one which invites great conversations. In addition, it's good to have a few occasional chairs and a couple of matching tables for smaller groups.

Add An Awning - The right awning can complete the look. You can choose to be in shade or sunlight any time during the day.

  • Awnings come in many colors, stripes, solids, with scalloped edges or plain ones. Even the awning frames come in different colors.
  • Today's awnings can be opened and closed manually, using a crank, or you can push a button and a motor will do the job for you. In fact, you can even select awnings that have automatic sensors or remote controls.
  • Awnings are made with extremely durable fabric that will withstand high winds, rain, or bright sunlight.
  • If your awning is against your house, you'll have the added benefit of the awning protecting photographs, indoor fabrics, and other indoor home decor.
  • A bonus is that having an awning will reduce your energy costs during the hot summer months. In addition, when you raise the awning, your home will receive the heat of the sun during the winter months.
  • Today's awnings are built to be extremely reliable and will last for many years.

Congratulations on creating a wonderful patio in your back yard. Be sure to get exact measurements so that your awning will fit correctly. To learn more or find out about how to work on the awnings for your patio, contact a company like Dean Custom Awnings with any questions or concerns you have.