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Heating In Your Home Trying To Escape? 4 Places To Look

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If you are having problems with the heating in your home, you may want to call a contractor, such as United Heating & Air Conditioning. Before you do this, however, the problem may be the heat is escaping out of your home. Below are the places you can check so you can be warm again.


You can lose heat from the foundation of your home. A foundation can be damaged over the years from changes in the soil, moisture, etc. Once it becomes damaged, heat escapes from it. You may be able to tell if your foundation has damage. Go outside and see if you find any cracks in it. You also may notice your floors sagging, or uneven doors and windows. If you notice any kind of problem, call a foundation technician to come to your home to repair it for you.

Attic Door

If you have an attic with an access hatch on the ceiling, you may not think of this as a place heat is escaping. Open it up and look around the edges to make sure it is sealed properly. If you notice any seal cracking or missing, head to the hardware store to purchase new sealant.

Laundry Vent

One place you may not consider looking for heat loss is your dryer vent. The holes that are used for laundry vents and ducts can be the problem.  Clothes dryers connect to an exhaust duct that leads outside. Cold air can leak through this duct and into your home, and your heat can pour out of it.

There is a flapper valve at the end of the duct that can become clogged with lint. If this is the problem, the flapper cannot close all the way. An easy way to fix this problem is to purchase a seal for the vent. If you install this seal, the vent will only open when you are using your dryer, and completely close when you are finished.


If your home has a fireplace, air will rise up out of it, causing you to have heat loss. An easy way to fix this problem is to purchase a draft stopper. This product will seal the damper on the fireplace so heated air will not escape.

This draft stopper is installed at the bottom of the fireplace so you can access it from inside of your home. This allows you to easily install it yourself.  When you use the fireplace, you will have to remove the draft stopper, and then put it back on when you are finished.

If your heating bills are rising, you likely have some type of heating loss in your home. Take time to determine what the problem is as soon as you can so you can save money.