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Four Things You Should Know Before Taking On The Task Of Restoring A Log Home

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If you like restoration type projects and log homes, restoring a log home can be a very challenging and rewarding project. There are many different techniques for restoring a log home, which include refinishing the exterior, replacing damaged logs and addressing structural issues with the home. If it is an historic log home, you may also want to be consistent with some of the construction techniques that were used during the era of the home. Here are some of the things you will want to know before taking on the challenging task of restoring a long home:

1. Blasting Aging Finishes To Expose Natural Wood

Many log homes may have been painted or finished with a sealant over the years. Sometimes this is a dark brown color that does not showcase the natural look of a log home. One thing that you can have done during your log home restoration is blasting of the logs to remove old paints and finishes. This will expose the natural surface of the wood, which you can then seal with a clear sealant to give your home more of a natural look that showcases the natural look of logs.

2. Replacing Rotten Logs And Blending Them In 

Logs can rot over time because of their exposure to the elements. Usually, this means that they have to be replaced, and this can be noticeable. When you are replacing rotten logs, you may want to have them blended in with existing logs. This means that sometimes large sections of logs may need to be replaced to make repairs less noticeable. You can also do this with existing repairs that may be an eyesore.

3. Repairing Outdated Foundations To Support Log Loads

If you are repairing an historic log home, the foundation of the home may be outdated. Often, these homes were made with rock foundations using available materials in the area. You may want to have the structure upgraded with footings and repairs to support the weight of the log home. You can do this and hide the structural upgrades with repairs to the original foundation to preserve the original look of the home.

4. Repairing Window And Door Openings With Damage Logs

Windows and doors are areas of log homes that water can get into easily. Because of this, these areas can have a lot of damage. Repairs to windows and doors may include removing seals and replacing them and doing repairs to the logs around the windows. For large openings, you may also want to consider having modern engineered beams installed to support loads, which can be hidden in the repairs of the outside façade of your log home.

These are some of the challenges that you can be sure you will face when restoring your log home. Even though there are challenges, it is a very rewarding process when you can see the finished project. If you need help with your log home restoration project, contact log home restoration contractors, like Joe Pine Builders Inc, to get the professional help you need.