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2 Reasons To Closely Monitor An Elderly Loved One's AC Unit

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Aging individuals often want to remain in their own homes as they grow older. Maintaining a sense of independence can be psychologically beneficial for the elderly, but engaging in the routine maintenance required to keep a home functioning can be physically impossible.

If you are responsible for the care of a loved one, monitoring systems like the air conditioner (AC) in the home of your elderly relative is vital. Here are two reasons why you should take the time to closely monitor the performance of the AC unit in your aging loved one's home.

1. The elderly are more susceptible to heat stress.

While your body might be able to adjust to fluctuations in temperature, your aging loved one's body doesn't have the ability to quickly adapt to changes in temperature. A senior could be taking medications that impair perspiration or a chronic medical condition could change their body's normal response to heat. These factors make the elderly especially susceptible to heat stress.

If you want to prevent your loved one from having to endure the dizziness, nausea, and muscle cramps that are associated with heat stroke, be sure that you are checking his or her AC unit on a regular basis. A well-maintained AC unit will provide enough cool air to keep your elderly loved one comfortable.

2. Cooler temperatures make it easier for your aging loved one to sleep.

Regular sleep is essential when it comes to maintaining good health, and temperature plays an important role in determining how well your aging loved one is sleeping. Research shows that optimal temperatures for sleep range anywhere from 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures above 75 degrees Fahrenheit can be disruptive to your loved one's sleep cycle.

In order to ensure that your aging loved one has the ability to stay cool during the night, a functioning AC unit is essential. Be sure that you are monitoring the AC unit at your loved one's home on a regular basis to catch potential problems that could affect temperatures inside the home at night.

Having your elderly loved one remain in his or her home can be a great way to help him or her maintain a positive attitude as they grow older. To ensure that the home remains a safe living environment, it's important that you are monitoring the performance of the home's AC unit. If the AC breaks, your loved one could suffer from heat stress or poor sleep. Talk with Custom Comfort for more information and tips.