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How To Maintain A Garden's Topsoil After Professionals Install It

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One of the most important things about maintaining your garden after it's built is making sure that you handle the topsoil properly. Here are some ways to care for your topsoil in order to make sure your garden remains as verdant as when you had professionals install it.

Getting Started

If you have professionals install and set up your garden, chances are good that you don't have a lot of personal experience with gardening. Maintaining a garden is often easier than setting it up in the first place, so you may not need to hire someone to maintain it if you don't think you can afford it. In any case, you should let this be what dissuades you from getting your garden.


No matter how much the professionals who set up the garden enriched the soil, you should still enrich it at least once per year in order to keep everything operating at peak capacity. Not all soil is created equal, it's common for places where you order soil to just call it 'soil' without saying anything about exactly how rich the soil is for growing things.

Choose Organic Soil

They key is to ask the company whether there is organic matter inside of the soil. Examples of what you can use to revitalize the topsoil include straw, alfalfa, grass clippings, leaves, and seaweed. You can even use organic newspaper that doesn't have anything glossy or color inks in it. You have to make it wet first and weight it down so that it doesn't just blow away.

Keep It Consistent

You need to periodically check the topsoil to see if it still has the right consistency. When it hasn't recently rained, the soil should be light, and it should easily crumble in your hands. If it doesn't, then you need to put some effort in to change this. You can figure out whether it's light enough by putting your finger in. If it goes three knuckles down without any resistance, then you're good.

You can lighten the topsoil by going and getting some peat moss and then mixing it in with the rest of the soil until it's light enough. Peat moss is cheap enough that you can just buy it in a large amount and then constantly mix it in and then test it again to see if you have it where you want it for consistency.

This should help you maintain your topsoil in a way conducive to maintaining your garden. The maintenance time sink should be minimal.