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How to Clean and Maintain a Clay Tile Roof

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Clay tile roofs are an excellent choice when you want a strong, durable, and fire-resistant roof. However, they are not impenetrable, so you still need to clean and maintain the roof on a regular basis. Here are some tips for keeping your clay tile roof in good condition.

Sweep and Wash the Tiles

The clay roof tile should be kept clean on a regular basis by sweeping it and washing it with a pressure washer. Since clay tiles are difficult to stand on, you might be better off with a broom that has an extendable arm. If you do plan on walking around on the roof while cleaning and inspecting it, wear slip-proof shoes and be very careful. After you have swept away the dust and debris, check the gutters and clean them out. Lastly, you can wash the tiles with a pressure washer. Wash the tiles on the lowest setting and don't point the nozzle too closely to the tiles.

Replace Individual Tiles When Damaged

When you notice that a tile has been damaged, do not leave it on the roof as is and assume it isn't a big deal. Cracked tiles can lead to leaks, which puts your roofing structure and interior of your home in jeopardy. Make a point to check the roof for cracked tiles and replace them as needed. The good thing about tiles is that you can remove the individual damaged tiles and replace them without having to re-do the entire roof. If you notice a cracked tile, take a moment to check other tiles for damage so you can replace them all at the same time.

Inspect the Roof for Leaks

One of the more common issues with clay tile roofs is having leaks, which is often from poor installation or eventual wear of the materials. In addition to having cracked clay tiles, this could also be from the waterproof membrane wearing out or debris building up in the roof valley. If you are cleaning your roof regularly, you shouldn't have too much debris causing the leak. When you notice dripping water or wet spots on the ceiling or walls, you need to inspect the roof thoroughly. Look for damaged tiles or membrane that seems to be worn out and needs to be replaced.

Consult a Roofing Contractor

Professional inspections are often the better way to go, as the roofing contractor can look for problems you might not see as the homeowner. They will check the entire roofing structure from the tiles and membrane to the gutters and downspouts. The roofing contractor can repair any issues you have now to avoid bigger problems later.

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