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How To Easily Get Your Windows Ready For Spring With A Pressure Washer

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During the winter, your windows can take a real beating. Leaves can accumulate on your window ledge and dirt can get blown all over your windows. Snow and rain can also lead to unsightly water stains on your windows. This guide will help you easily get your windows looking great and ready for spring using a pressure washer.

Inspect Your Windows

Before you start cleaning your windows, walk around and inspect the condition of your windows on the outside of your house. Keep an eye out for both caulking and glaze that needs to be reapplied. If you find any windows that are in need of a little extra caulking or glaze, be sure to address those issues before you start washing your windows. 

If you fail to address these issues, water could get into those areas that need to be glazed or caulked again and potentially cause damage. 

Take Care Of Your Plants

Next, you need to get out your hose and use the mist attachment on all of your plants that are located under your windows. Misting your plants will help protect them from the chemicals that may get on them while you are washing your windows with your pressure washer.

Work One Side At A Time

You are going to want to break your house up into sections as you work. You are going to use your pressure washer to apply soap to your windows before rinsing them off. If you soap up all your windows first, then rinse them off, you are going to end up with lots of soapy residue on your windows. 

What you need to do is clean one window at a time if your windows are really large, or clean windows that are located next to each before moving onto the next group of windows. Try to be systematic as you work your way around your house.

Prepare The Soap Mixture

Take your pressure washer's washing reservoir and pour multi-purpose soap into it. Make sure that you are using soap that is made for pressure washers and also specifically states that it is safe for windows. 

You will need to use the soap tip for your pressure washer; this specific tip will ensure that the water that comes out of your pressure washer is nice and soapy. 

Hold your pressure washer at an angle as you apply the soap to the windows. Start at the top and work your way down your window with the soap. Also, make sure that your pressure washer is set to the lowest pressure setting. If you use a really high setting, the pressure could actually damage your windows.

Rinse Your Windows

After you apply the soap, you need to very quickly turn off your pressure washer. Then, you need to remove the soap tip and put a general use tip on your pressure washer. Be sure to place the soap tip somewhere safe where you can easily get ahold of it again. Turn off the reservoir and just use water, or detach the cleaning reservoir, depending on how your pressure washer is set up. 

Once again, use the lowest pressure setting possible, hold the wand at an angle, and work top to bottom as you rinse away the soap from your windows. 

Finally, let your windows air dry. If your windows are currently being hit by direct sunlight though, you may want to dry them off yourself using a clean microfiber cloth to prevent water spots. Contact a business, such as Treasure Valley Seamless Siding, for more information.