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Choosing The Right Garage Door Spring

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If your garage door spring has recently failed, you might want to try to replace it yourself. If you are going to, you should know what spring could be right for your garage door, as well as two of the spring options that are available. 

Which Spring Is Right For My Door?

When a homeowner takes it upon themself to perform "do-it-yourself" maintenance with a garage door, there are many key pieces of information that are necessary to determine the right parts for the door. In order to get the right spring, one should have record of the measurements- the weight, height, and width. The diameter and length of the springs used- as well as the coil measurement and wire size to determine the load bearing capacity that was in place. Getting this information can be very tedious work, and mistakes are made even in the hands of professionals. The easiest way to procure the replacement parts would be calling the manufacturer of the door, if applicable. 

Extension Springs

Extension springs are a very common- quick fix for smaller residential garages. They are cheap and easier to set up, but are prone to failure- they will start to wear out more quickly than a standard torsion setup. Also, a user should certainly operate with care—a door installed with extension springs does not have the precise counter balance that torsion springs do. 

Torsion springs

The torsion spring is the industry standard, they are a bit more complicated and can be dangerous to wind and set. The handy person must take precaution when working with tightened coils. The measurements taken for use of these springs are more precise, maximizing efficiency and effectively extending the life of the spring. The torsion spring is a must for bigger garages and double cars.

EZ-Set Torsion Spring System

The EZ-Set spring system is a commercial kit that can be purchased in hardware stores and online. Such kits can make the installation of a torsion system that much easier. A do-it-yourselfer will need a standard set of tools while still taking the proper precautions to set up a quick and sturdy torsion spring system.

Although it is possible to replace your garage door spring yourself, usually this job is best left to a garage door company like All Pro Quality Garage Doors, Inc.. They will know the perfect spring for your door, as well as be able to install the spring in a professional and safe manner.