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Cold Climate? A Metal Roof Is The Ideal Choice

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Choosing a roof is never an easy decision, since there are so many options to consider. If you live in a cold climate where temperatures are generally low and you receive a lot of snow, then one roofing choice seems to stand out above the rest: metal. Here are four reasons why metal is the ideal choice for your home:

You won't get ice dams.

When you have a roof with some texture, such as an asphalt shingle or concrete tile roof, snow will tend to "stick" on the roof. If your roof is not perfectly ventilated and insulated, the snow will slowly melt and the water will trickle down, re-freezing on the roof's edge. These ice formations, known as ice dams, can work their way under the shingles, causing leaks and substantial roofing damage. They may also pull your gutters away from your home. With a metal roof, snow will slide right off it if starts melting even a little (the metal is slippery). Thus, you don't ever have to worry about ice dams.

Roofing collapse is much less of a concern.

Another big problem in cold, snowy areas is collapsing roofs. When a lot of snow builds up on the roof, the roof is in danger of collapsing, which is clearly a threat to your family's safety. Even if the roof does not collapse entirely, the weight of snow on a roof can cause structural cracks and damage. Since, as previously mentioned, snow will slide off a metal roof, there is much less chance of a roof collapse.

Metal will last longer.

It's a hassle to schedule roofing in any environment. But even more so a cold one. Roofers won't want to work during a snowstorm for safety reasons. The fewer times you have to go through a re-roofing, the better. Metal roofs last up to 80 years, so you'll never have to put another roof on your home again. Asphalt shingles only last about 20 years, and wooden shakes last about 30.

Metal roofing is not cheap. You can expect to pay $7 - $10 per square foot for corrosion-resistant steel panels, which equates to a cost of $11,900 - $22,000 for the average ranch-style home. In a cold environment, however, metal roofing is well worth its cost since it will save you from the challenges of roofing collapses, ice dams, and having to replace your roof again in the near future. Contact a business, such as GBS Enterprises Roofing, for more information.