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Tips To Help You Make The Right Choices Between Cedar Shingles Or Shakes For Your Roof

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Homeowners considering cedar roofing materials for their homes may have a tough time deciding which kind to put on. The cedar roof style you decide on is determined by the overall decorative appeal you want for your home. The impact your roof has on your home's overall exterior design is great. Follow these tips for making the best choice between cedar shingles or shakes for your roof.

Cedar Shake Roofs Are More Rustic And Woodsy

The biggest difference between cedar shakes and shingles is that shakes have a rougher texture. Shakes appear as they did on homes years ago, giving your home a rustic look you might have found on homes before smooth shingles were invented. If you want a rustic appearance for your home, shakes are the way to go. Bear in mind the type of siding on your home when you choose cedar shakes for your roof. For example, if you put a cedar shake roof on, you want the siding to be natural like logs instead of flat board or vinyl siding. Cedar shakes are not one uniform size and are generally thicker than cedar shingles, so the uneven appearance they give greatly enhances the rustic look you are trying to achieve.

Cedar Shingles Are Smooth And Can Look Great With Some Modern Materials

While no cedar roofing materials goes well with siding like vinyl or aluminum, you can use it with wood siding that is painted. However, the color you choose should match the color of your cedar shingles for the decorative effect. Many people choose cedar roofing materials for homes that have a prominent natural landscape, providing the perfect frame for a home with cedar shingles. You should know that cedar shingles are smooth and do come cut in the same sizes, making it possible to have a more uniform look. One tip to keep in mind for maintaining the decorative touch of a cedar roof is to also put the same cedar roofing materials on your outdoor sheds or garage.

The Climate Where You Live Is An Important Determining Factor

Cedar roofing materials are susceptible to serious damage from the elements. For this reason, taking steps to provide regular care and maintenance for cedar roof is vital for it to enjoy a long life. Keep in mind that cedar is wood and will need to be protected from the hot rays of the sun and from heavy moisture. Many products are available at your local home improvement store for your cedar roof to protect it from the harsh effects of the elements.

Homes with cedar roofs are beautiful and have a special, old-world charm like no other homes can boast about. For more information, contact local professionals like Starkweather & Sons Roofing & Siding.