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Reasons To Get Home Fire Sprinklers Installed

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Home fire sprinklers may not be a requirement, but they are certainly a great addition to home fire suppression systems. Here are some reasons to install fire sprinklers at home. 

Smoke Alarms Are Only the Beginning

While many homes already have smoke detectors installed, these aren't enough to actually get a fire under control; they simply alert the owners that there is a problem. Fire sprinklers are actually a great first step to take in taming a fire and preventing it from escalating. 

They Can Be Set Off Individually

Another reason to get a fire sprinkler system is that the modern versions are very efficient. The sprinkler system may be able to set off a single sprinkler in the area where heat is detected, rather than setting off the whole system. This can help to minimize damage to your items while controlling the fire. 

They Won't React to Smoke

A common myth is that home fire sprinklers might react to smoke from a burnt oven or a candle, causing a mess. This isn't true; fire sprinklers are set off by heat. If this was holding you back from getting home sprinklers installed, now you can move forward with your fire safety plan.

They Can Use Less Water Than Firefighters

If you are the type of person who is eco-conscious, you'll be delighted to know that fire sprinklers can help save water in a few ways. First of all, since they can help stop or contain a fire right as it starts, they may prevent the size from escalating so that more water is needed to put it out. The nozzles are also effective at a much lower flow rate than what the firefighter would use. If your sprinklers are at all effective in your fire emergency, they are helping save water. 

They May Reduce Your Insurance Bill

Having fire sprinklers in place looks good for your home insurance company, and it's also great for reducing out of pocket expenses. Since fire sprinklers start to act right away, they may reduce the total time of intensity of the fire and, thus, the potential for bodily injury or property damage. This potential savings is important to consider when you're evaluating the cost of fire sprinkler installation. 

In summary, there are many potential reasons to install home fire sprinklers. If any of these reasons appealed to you, have a home fire suppression specialist give you an estimate for your installation.