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Two Xeriscaping Myths Refuted

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The condition of your property's landscaping is an essential factor in determining the aesthetics of the property as well as its value, but conventional landscaping can be extremely water intensive. For those living in arid or drought prone regions, maintaining a conventionally landscaped yard can quickly become very expensive. Sadly, there are some homeowners that are not well-aware of the option of xeriscaping, but having some notions about this landscaping option debunked should provide you with better insight into the viability of this option for your yard.

Myth: Xeriscaping Only Involves Decorating The Property With Rocks, Sand And Gravel

There is a frequent belief among some homeowners that xeriscaping exclusively uses rocks, gravel and sand to create a pleasing design for the property. While this can be an option, there is far more to this style of landscaping. The overall goal of xeriscaping is to reduce the amount of water that is needed to maintain the grounds. While colorful rocks and gravel can be used to add highlights to a property, it is also possible to incorporate plants that thrive in arid conditions. By consulting with an experienced xeriscape, you can learn more about the various low-water plants that would be suitable for your property's climate and your budget.

Myth: Xeriscaping Is Too Expensive To Undertake

Any type of landscaping project can be rather expensive to undertake, and xeriscaping is no different. However, unlike many other forms of landscaping, this option can actually save you money over the time that you own your property. This is due to the savings that you can enjoy from needing to use far less water to maintain the landscaping. Considering that the price  of water can increase during droughts when you need it the most, these savings can be substantial.

Additionally, there are some states and communities that offer homeowners incentives for converting their yards to xeriscapes. These incentives can help with offsetting the initial investment that this conversion required. Also, you should consider the long-term impacts to your property's value. A professionally xeriscaped yard can help to boost the value of your home should you ever decide to sell it.

Xeriscaping is emerging as a popular landscaping option for those that are wanting a low-maintenance  and environmentally friendly solution for keeping their yard looking great. By having an understanding about the variety of options that can be utilized when xeriscaping as well as the options for reducing the expense of this upgrade, you should be better positioned to make the best choice about converting your yard to a xeriscape. For more information, contact a business such as Bourget Bros. Building Materials.