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3 Misconceptions About Hot Tubs

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A hot tub is a major investment that some people pass on because of misconceptions about the tubs. The misconceptions could cause you and others to miss out on the many benefits of owning one. If you are unsure whether or not a hot tub is right for you, here are some myths about the tubs and the truths behind them.  

Hot Tubs Are High Maintenance

The idea of buying another item for your home that requires maintenance turns some potential hot tub buyers off. Although hot tubs are relatively low maintenance, there is a belief that they require far more maintenance.  

Maintenance for your hot tub only requires a few minutes out of your day. Part of taking care of the tub includes ensuring that it is covered and a quick inspection to ensure there is no external damage. You also need to check and clean the filters every few weeks, and use a cleaner to keep the water sanitary.  

The Chlorinated Water From the Tub Burns

If you seem to have a reaction when you touch chlorinated water, the idea of sitting in a hot tub might sound unappealing. However, your reaction to the chlorinated water might not be what you think it is.  

When the alkaline levels in the water are off, you can experience skin and eye irritation. The alkaline levels have to be right to help neutralize acids in water that naturally occur. When the alkalinity is too high, you can use a pH reducer in the water. As an added measure of prevention, rinse off with warm water after you use the hot tub.  

As long as your alkaline levels are balanced, you should not experience any problems when you use the hot tub. 

A Hot Tub Is Unsanitary

One of the most commonly believed misconceptions about hot tubs is that they are unsanitary. In reality, using a hot tub is just as sanitary as swimming in a pool. Just as a pool has a filtration system, so does the hot tub.  

The hot tub also relies on chlorinated water to keep the environment sanitary for users. If you are concerned with using chemicals to keep the water clean, there are alternative natural methods, such as a salt water sanitizer system.  

To learn more about hot tubs, consult with a dealer like Anchor Pools & Spas. You can learn the truth about hot tubs and make an informed decision about using one for your home.