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2 Reasons To Hire A Plumber To Clean Your Drains

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Having a clogged drain is a very common and extremely annoying plumbing issue to have to deal with, especially when you consider just how many things can go wrong if you try to clean it yourself. Rather than attempting to fix the drain yourself, it's probably a better idea to leave the drain cleaning to your plumber, for the two reasons listed below.

Some Drain Issues Are Very Hard To Deal With

One of the biggest reasons to leave your drain cleaning to a professional is the fact that some drain issues are extremely hard to deal with. For example, there are drain issues that simply purchasing a bit of drain cleaner and using a drain snaking tool are not going to be able to clear the issues at all. 

A situation where a plumber is a better option when it comes to cleaning the drains is one where the drain is actually located deep within one of your pipes. In that situation, you're not going to be able to reach the clog with the drain snaking tool. Instead, a plumber will most likely have to disassemble your pipe network until he or she gets to the pipe that actually has the clog in it, at which point he or she will have to remove the clog and reassemble your pipes, which is a very time-consuming job.

Another example of a drain clog that you are going to want to let a plumber deal with is if the clog is located in the pipe that is connecting your home to the sewer system. In that situation, your plumber is actually going to have to dig into your yard in order to reach the sewer pipe and find the clog. To make matters even worse, sometimes a sewer pipe in your yard may actually be clogged because a nearby tree's roots bored into the pipe and blocked off the flow of waste, at which point your plumber will have to either replace the pipe entirely or drill out the tree roots.

It Is Very Easy To Damage Your Pipes

Another important reason to let a plumber clean your drains is that it can be exceedingly easy for a homeowner to damage their pipes quite severely. One reason for this is that some of your pipes might actually be quite fragile, at which point using a drain snaking tool too vigorously may actually crack or break the pipe entirely.

In addition, using the wrong kind of drain cleaner may actually dissolve or eat through one of your pipes if you end up using the wrong kind of drain cleaner for your particular pipes. Thankfully, a plumber will know exactly how much force to use when cleaning your pipes and drains while also knowing which chemicals are going to be safe for your pipes and effective on the clog.

Contact a plumber today in order to discuss what he or she can do to help you clear a clogged drain or fix a slow draining drain. A plumber from a company like Towers Murray Plumbing is always going to be your best bet to clear out a clogged drain because some drain issues are very hard to deal with and because it is very easy to damage your pipes while trying to fix them on your own.