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Your Asphalt Shingle Roof: Factors That Shorten The Longevity Of Your Roof And When To Choose Repair Over Replacement

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When your home is protected by an asphalt shingles roof, you may not think much about your roof until you have a leak in your home. An asphalt roof will last approximately 15-20 years. To help extend the life of your roof, regular inspections can help identify small problems so that you can get them repaired before they cause bigger issues with your home. If you live in a climate that has harsh winters, or your roof is in hot sun for long periods of time, the shingles on your roof may deteriorate faster. If you find a loose shingle on the ground or you notice a slight curling in your shingles, it's time to call a roof repair company to assess the integrity of your roof.

Poor Maintenance Can Ruin Your Roof Faster

There are times when inclement weather can cause damage to your roof. If the damage allows for water to get below your shingles, this can cause problems with the structural integrity of your home. If you ignore the problem, you may end up having more shingles come loose because of the water that gets beneath. This can lead to damage to your home that you won't notice until the water leaks down into your home through the ceiling.

Inclement Weather Reduces the Lifespan of Your Roof

Bad weather can wreak havoc on your roof. Heavy storms that bring down branches onto your roof can cause holes in your shingles. Excessive exposure to strong weather elements wears down your asphalt shingles.The first sign of deterioration is usually fading, while the next is shingles that begin to come loose or curl. Understand that once your shingles begin to fade and curl, it's only a matter of time before the roof leaks and needs to be repaired.

Repairing Leaks Vs. Replacing Your Roof

One small leak is pretty easy and inexpensive to repair. Talk with the roof specialist about the integrity of your entire roof to see if they recommend a complete replacement. If you've had more than one leak, it could be time to replace your roof completely. You can start with a repair, but if your roof specialist recommends replacement within a year or two, it is usually in your best interest as a homeowner to listen to their advice. Various leaks in different areas on your roof indicate a systemic problem, and will need to be addressed by replacing your roof.

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