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Renovating A Home? 3 Reasons To Go With Spray Foam Insulation

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A home renovation is a great time to reconsider the bare bones of the home. With the drywall stripped away, it's possible to take a closer look at the home's electrical system, its plumbing, and even its insulation. Homeowners often find themselves making major changes and updating these systems during the renovation. Often the home's insulation is outdated, worn down, or simply not quite right for the space. A home renovation is a great opportunity to add new insulation that is more energy efficient and effective. In many homes, spray foam insulation fits the bill. Here are three reasons to look into spray foam during a home renovation.

It's Versatile

One of the main reasons why spray foam is so popular is that it is very versatile and quick to install. It can be used to insulate unfinished spaces in addition to finished spaces. It can also be used in any room of the home and works great in attics, in walls, and in basements. Spray foam insulation is most commonly made up of spray polyurethane foam. Homeowners also have the choice between closed-cell and open-cell spray foam. Closed-cell tends to be a better insulator than open-cell, however, it also tends to be more expensive.

Energy Efficiency

One benefit that many homeowners notice after renovating a home is an increase in energy efficiency. Spray foam insulation is able to fill all of the nooks and crannies that other types of insulation may not be able to. For this reason, spray foam insulation tends to be more energy efficient than other types of insulation. The R-value of insulation is great way to estimate how well the material resists heat transfer. Higher R-values mean greater energy efficiency. R-values for closed cell spray foam insulation are around 6.5 per inch.


While spray foam insulation tends to be little pricier than other types of insulation, it's often worth the cost. The average cost of spray foam insulation ranges from $1,141 to $3,364. However, it's important to consider that spray foam insulates a home up to 50 percent better than most traditional types of insulation. Often the energy savings of using spray foam insulation make up for the additional cost. It's also important to note that it is easier and less expensive to install insulation in homes that are undergoing a major renovation where the walls are opened up. 

When it comes to renovating a home, spray foam insulation is something to consider. Spray foam insulation is versatile, energy efficient, and even fairly cost effective when energy savings are considered. Those who are renovating their home should consider spray foam insulation.