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Keep Your Water Well In Good Condition With An Annual Service Call

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Once your water well has been drilled, built and connected to your plumbing, the hard work is done. However, you'll still need to do yearly maintenance on the well to make sure your drinking water is safe, and the well is working properly. You'll want to hire a well services provider for this. Here are some of the things he or she may check.

Water Quality

You should have your well water tested at least once a year when the well is inspected and serviced. You'll want to know the level of coliform bacteria in your water. This level will fluctuate from time to time, and if it gets too high, it indicates the water could be contaminated. The coliform bacteria themselves are not always harmful, but when conditions are favorable for them to multiply, it means other bacteria and parasites may be thriving in the water too. The presence of some types of coliform bacteria indicates your well may be contaminated with feces from sewer drainage or animal runoff. You may want your water to be tested for other contaminants too, depending on the pollutants in your local area.

Well Function

Your well will be inspected for performance and worn parts. The flow rate of the water is checked to make sure the well can still keep up with your needs. The electrical system and filtration equipment are checked, repaired, and replaced as needed. The wellhead and the area around the well are examined to ensure contaminants don't drain into the well. If you've made changes to your landscaping that altered the way water drains around the well, your contractor may recommend you make additional changes so that the land slopes away from the wellhead.

Well Cleaning

If an inspection uncovers scale buildup inside the well, the well may be cleaned. This can be done with a pressure hose or scrub brush. If the water test discovers a high level of bacteria, the contractor may need to sanitize the well to kill off the bacteria and then repeat the water test to verify your water is safe to drink again.

Once your well has been serviced, it's ready for another year of use. However, environmental incidents such as a flood or chemical discharge or other accident at a nearby farm or factory could affect your water. If you think your water has been contaminated or if you notice a difference in the way the water looks, tastes, or smells, then you should call for another inspection and water test even if hasn't been a year since your last service call.

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