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Set Up An Inflatable Jacuzzi And Care For The Land Surrounding The Water Feature

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If you plan on installing an inflatable jacuzzi in your backyard to enjoy on hot, balmy evenings, deciding how you are going to execute the installation will be beneficial in the long run and will ensure that your new water feature is located in a favorable location. Use the planning tips listed below to assist with setting up the jacuzzi and caring for the land surrounding it.

Inspect Your Property, Clear Brush, And Trim Trees

Choosing the perfect spot for a jacuzzi is imperative so that you won't wind up wishing to move the water feature soon after it is filled with water. Take into consideration that a location that is near a water supply and electrical source is essential.

If you would like the jacuzzi to be nestled in between a couple trees or shrubs, clearing brush and trimming trees will prevent overgrown branches from dangling over the water feature or potentially breaking and falling into the jacuzzi when you are soaking in it. Well-groomed foliage will also complement the water feature and provide the jacuzzi with an alluring appearance. 

Set Up The Water Feature And Install A Cover

You may need some assistance setting up the jacuzzi, especially if the water feature is heavy or if you are not knowledgeable about installing items that require electricity. The key to being successful is by being patient during the installation process. Read over the instructions that are listed in the jacuzzi's manual to familiarize yourself with each of the water feature's components.

After the jacuzzi is inflated and filled with water, consider installing a cover over the feature. A canopy that is constructed of thick fabric will act as a barrier that will prevent leaves or branches from coming into contact with the jacuzzi's interior, especially in the likelihood that you failed to eliminate all of the dangling branches during the pruning phase. 

Add A Privacy Fence And Maintain The Land

If you have neighbors living on both sides of your home and you are concerned about the level of privacy that you will be provided with while spending time in your jacuzzi, installing a privacy fence or portable partitions may be helpful. A privacy fence will transform your backyard into a secluded area. Portable partitions can be moved around the jacuzzi during times that you will be relaxing in the water feature.

Care for your property by having trees and shrubs inspected by an arborist and requesting that pesticide treatments are administered if necessary. Continue to prune branches on a routine basis so that the trees and shrubs remain healthy and maintain their appearance. For more information, contact your local tree services.