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Keeping Your Garage Door Working Smooth And Efficiently

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Garage doors that are not working properly can be very inconvenient. The doors can be heavy and hard to open if the door has not been maintained properly. Even a door with an automatic door opener needs proper maintenance to function properly. Here are some things you can do to keep the door working properly. 

Lubricate the Tracks and Guide Wheels

The tracks that support the door run vertically along the door frame then turn and carry the door overhead and out of the way. The door is supported on roller wheels that run in the track but if the wheels are not greased once in a while, they can seize up and drag along the track. It is important to use some lubricant that can be sprayed on the wheel and axle occasionally to keep everything free and able to turn. You can also add some lubrication to the track, but don't overdo it because the wheels are not intended to slide in the track. If there is too much lubricant, they will not have enough friction to rolling smooth. 

Check the Tracks For Damage

The track that supports the garage door on your home is made from metal, but it can be twisted and damaged. If the door binds up and is forced, the track may bend under the stress. The track may also come loose and separate at the seams if the door is rattling or vibrating a lot. Check the tracks regularly for damage and to ensure all the hardware is secure so that you do not have an unexpected problem with the door. If you suspect there is damage to the tracks, you need to have a door company come to inspect the track and door before continuing to use it. 

Tension Springs

Above the door, there is a spring that is under tension when the door is closed. The spring will help lift the door as you open it, but if the spring is damaged, it can unwind and not work properly. There are also cables along the sides of the door that connect the spring to the door. If these cables break, the spring will not be able to do its job. If the cables have any fraying or damage to them, have a garage door services company come out and replace them. The tension on the spring must be released to replace the cables and that takes specific tools and knowledge of the system to do safely.