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6 "Must-Have" Plumbing Upgrades For 2019 And Beyond

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Whether you are building, remodeling, or just daydreaming, the following plumbing upgrades can take your home from ordinary to fantastic with a little PVC and advanced planning. 

1. Extra Dishwasher: Whether you like to entertain, have a large family, or just hate doing dishes, having a second dishwasher is a definite luxury. It can be installed by the sink, on the opposite side of your first dishwasher, or, if you have room, it can be located in a large butler's pantry. 

2. Frameless Shower Enclosure: A jetted tub may be the hallmark of a 1990s' master bathroom, but these days it's all about the shower. Oversized showers grew into snail showers, and they morphed into the fabulous frameless showers we have today. Adding steam and extra shower heads are definitely necessary if you want to go over the top. 

3. Vessel Sinks: While making room for two sinks in a master bathroom is a given, dual vessel sinks are even better. Vessel sinks sit on top of the counter like pieces of art. Choose between hammered copper, hand-painted finishes, or even translucent glass for a killer upgrade that you'll enjoy for years to come. 

4. Pot Filler: This upgrade is just plain practical. Who wants to carry heavy pots filled with water all the way over to the stove when you could just use a retractable, pot-filler faucet located right at the stove instead. If you plan for it early in the building process, this wall-mounted luxury won't break the bank either. 

5. Janitor's Sink: Another plumbing upgrade that produces a "light bulb" moment is the janitor's sink. Designed to allow a janitor to roll a mop bucket right up to a spigot for easier filling, you would typically find these in commercial buildings and schools, but they have made their way onto our homes. Instead of a utility sink in a mudroom, smart homeowners are installing a janitor's sink by using a shower basin and a low, wall-mounted faucet. This inexpensive upgrade is great for washing the dog or washing muddy boots. 

6. Extra Washing Machine: Larger families often complain that they are constantly doing laundry. If you are in the same boat, consider adding space for a second washer and dryer. Again, if planned early enough, this upgrade to your home's plumbing does not have to break the bank. 

Whether you are going for practicality, convenience, or sheer luxury, upgrading your plumbing with these will definitely make your home more enjoyable. Reach out to contractors at companies like California Reflections Inc for more information.