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After The Hail Storm Passes: What Homeowners Should Do

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Being inside your home during a hailstorm is a frightening experience, especially when the hailstones are large or accompanied by wind and driving rain. In addition to being concerned about your family's safety, homeowners are sure to be worried about the physical damage that may be occurring to their roof, siding, and other exterior surfaces. Since knowing what to do after a hail storm has passed is an important part of a homeowner's responsibility, this list can help. 

Document the time, date and length of the storm

Since not all hail damage is immediately apparent to a casual inspection, it is important to document as many details as you can. These details should include the time, date, and length of the storm. If you can safely do so, taking a photo of the storm from the safety of a window, doorway, or covered porch is also wise. 

Go outside and look for indications of damage 

Once the storm has safely passed, go out and take a walk around the perimeter of your home, looking for any signs of potential damage. Commonly noticeable signs might include: 

  • damage to gutters, including bends, cracks, or areas that are now pulling away from the home
  • cracks, holes, or visibly worn spots on shingles
  • missing shingles or other evidence of wind damage

If possible, take some photos of areas you feel may be damaged, and add them to the documentation you already have compiled about the storm. 

Contact your home insurance provider

The next step will be to make contact with your insurance broker to inform them of the situation and then email them the photos and details about the possible hail damage to your home and your concerns. Your insurance provider can help you determine whether you should file a claim at this time.

Even if there is no apparent damage, placing this information in your insurance file can help you prove that roof leaks which occur later may well have been caused by the hail damage, making it easier to ensure the cost of repairs or replacement will be covered. 

Have your roof checked by a professional

Roof damage from a hail storm can be very subtle. For instance, areas where most of the shingles' rough surface granules are missing may not be easily recognized by the homeowner but will be readily noticed by an experienced inspector or roofing contractor. 

To learn more about hail damage roof replacement and repair, contact a roofing company such as Rocky Mountain Roofers & Gutters to discuss your experience and get advice on your best options.