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Common Issues A Marina May Need Repaired

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A marina is a large structure that can be prone to suffering a number of different damages that will have to be repaired. Otherwise, the boats that use the marina may experience issues with docking and the marina itself may suffer more extensive damages.

Replacing Damaged Planks And Supports

One of the most commonly needed repairs for a marina will be replacing planks and supports that have suffered damage. When these components become damaged, they can compromise the stability of the marina. Furthermore, these issues can make the marina unsafe for individuals to use, as it can increase the risk of a plank or support breaking and causing someone to suffer an injury. Unfortunately, some of the damages that a marina can experience may be able to spread. Mold-induced rot is one of these issues, bearing the potential to spread across much of the marina rapidly. Whenever damages to the marina's planks or supports are noticed, a repair contractor should be retained as soon as possible to repair these damages.

Protecting Exposed Wood Against Water And Sun

Marinas will often extensively utilize wood in their designs and construction. Unfortunately, the conditions that are found at the marina can be extremely hard on wood. Reducing the damage that the moisture and sunlight can cause to the wood will not be impossible, but the marina will need to be coated with a sealant that can protect the wood against moisture exposure and solar damage. In order for these coatings to be as effective as possible, they will need to be periodically applied. To reduce the disruption that applying these protective coatings can cause, marinas will normally schedule this maintenance for the overnight or offseason.

Addressing Erosion Issues

The marina will have to be securely anchored if it is to remain stable. Unfortunately, the soil around the supports for the marina can have the soil around them erode. When this occurs, the marina can become increasingly unstable. While it may not be possible to completely eliminate erosion around these anchors, it is possible to drastically reduce it. For example, retaining walls, erosion netting, and supplemental the soil around these supports are all effective strategies for reducing erosion. For marinas that are built in areas with loose soil, this can be an extremely important aspect of maintenance. However, marina managers often fail to monitor this erosion unless they make a special effort to do so.

Work closely with a marina repair company to give your marina every possible edge against the elements.