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3 Biggest Reasons Why You Should Use Reclaimed Wood

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Are you currently in the midst of planning a home renovation project? Have you been looking at different types of wood and trying to decide which of them to use in your newly renovated home? As exciting as it can be to remodel or renovate a home, there can also be a lot of frustration involved as well at times. Figuring out what wood to use and where to use it can feel daunting but it doesn't have to be. There is an option which you probably haven't yet considered and which has more benefits than many of the choices that you've looked at so far: reclaimed wood. Before you go dismissing this option, here are some of the best reasons to incorporate it into your project:

Beautiful unique look: As you might imagine, reclaimed barn siding has been removed from a barn or barns somewhere and has been refinished to be used in modern construction projects. The natural aging process that each plank has undergone gives the individual boards a unique appearance that you simply can't replicate with brand new wood from freshly-cut trees. Each plank is a work of art that has been individually crafted by Mother Nature.

Eco-friendly: A lot of reclaimed barn siding was originally manufactured from old-growth trees, which is part of why these boards have  been so durable over the years. But old-growth trees are a finite resource and, in modern times, logging of such trees is limited or non-existent. With reclaimed wood, you'll be able to enjoy the beauty and splendor of this type of wood without having to worry about cutting down even more ancient trees or destroying forests for your needs. It doesn't take an extreme conservationist to realize that protecting old trees and cutting down as few trees as possible are good things.

Economical: As you've probably already found out, some types of wood are much more expensive than others. With reclaimed barn siding, the company doing the reclamation work often doesn't have to do nearly as much actual work sourcing suitable wood as companies creating brand new wood planks would have to do. This means that you'll often find beautiful boards at a much more affordable price than you'd find if you were to buy freshly produced planks. By using reclaimed wood in your project, you'll not only be helping the environment but you'll also be helping your budget as well.