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2 Signs It's Time To Replace Your Old Garage Door

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If your garage door is old and starting to look worn out, you may think that you can still get away with continuing to use it. However, there are a couple of signs that it is time to go ahead and have your garage door replaced.

1.  Garage Door Makes Loud Noises When You Open and Close It

This first sign is also the most noticeable. If your garage door makes loud noises, such as popping or screeching, these sounds usually indicate a serious problem with either moving mechanisms or the door itself.

While the occasional creaking may not be of much concern, if you hear popping noises whenever the door is in motion, the tracks could be out of alignment or even loose. Or, the door itself may have become warped. As it moves, pressure builds up as it tries to fit into the space in which it once glided smoothly. As the door itself is pushed and pulled, you then hear a banging or popping noise.

If you hear screeching as the door moves, the springs may be old and rusted, or the rollers may be out of sync with the tracks. If the damage is severe enough, it would be better and possibly cheaper to go ahead and choose new garage door installation than to try to repair it.

2.  Door Slides down after Opening It Halfway

This next sign may not be as obvious unless you typically leave your garage door only open halfway. If the door and its system can no longer support the weight of the door, you will see it slide down slowly from its position. If it is worn out completely, the door may completely slam shut from halfway.

To test for this sign, unlock the safety mechanism, and position the door so that it is halfway open. Stand back a little bit to protect your feet, let go of the door, and observe it for a few minutes. If it starts to slide or closes abruptly, it is time to replace it with a new one.

When it gets to the point that your garage door makes loud noises, or when it moves and refuses to stay open, it may be time to have the entire door replaced. Contact a garage door installation contractor for help with choosing a new door as well as learning more about what its installation will entail.