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Choosing Railings For The Deck Outside Your Home

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Building a new deck or repairing the one you already have can give you and your family a wonderful outdoor space to use when the weather is nice. Making sure that the deck is safe for everyone means ensuring that it has good railings around it, and there are some things to consider when it comes to deciding what kind to install. 

Custom Deck Rails

If you have a contractor building you a deck from scratch and you want to have something specific for the deck railing around it, you may be able to have them build custom pieces for you. The railings need to have some specific dimensions to comply with the code, but the contractor will know the dimensions and what needs to be part of the railings for it to be legal. 

Often the deck railings are made from the same kind of wood that the deck is made out of, but they do not have to be. There are many options that you can choose, but no matter what you decide, the railings can add a nice finishing touch to the deck. Talk to your contractor before they start to build the deck to develop a plan for the railings. 

You might want to have a custom railing with a round handrail top, or some special spindles in the railing to match your home's exterior to create a specific style for your outdoor space. Talk with the contractor about the options you have. 

Old Decks, New Railings

If you have a deck on your home that needs some repair to bring it back to useable condition, you can hire a contractor to inspect the deck and then make the repairs that the deck needs. If the railings need to be replaced, adding a new deck railing around the perimeter is not difficult, and it can be an opportunity to update the look and feel of the deck and make it safe to use. 

Deck railing sections can be bought from the local home center, already assembled in sections around six or eight feet long. The contractor can put these premade deck railings in place for you, and when they are correctly installed, they are as strong or stronger than the original railing around the deck. 

Some of the deck railing styles you may find include wood, metal, and even glass panels that have designs on them. It is a good idea to stay with traditional styles if you have small children on the deck, but if you consider something more custom, make sure they are safe for anyone who will use the deck.

For more information about installing a deck railing, contact a local contractor.